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We charge $40/hour for professional graphic design. Many projects can be done in about an hour. Email us what you need for an estimate at


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Web & Graphic Design Wakefield RI

South Kingstown's Low cost website solution

We're an awesome low-cost choice for small businesses, organizations, or local people and their projects to get a professional quality great-looking website without paying a ton in fees. Our websites start at $399 and many can be done for just that.

While you can find slightly cheaper deals on Craigslist, you get what you pay for, and you want a certain level of quality, because a website is usually at least a 5-10 year investment, with ongoing fees. No other deals around $399 give you the same trust, access to the designer, and personal touch while your website is being developed. Go local and email

Websites starting at $399

You can get an awesome, professional quality website for $399! This isn't going to be around forever!

What you can actually get:
  • 1-8~ page web site
  • Site / SEO / social media presence planning
  • Domain / hosting help (see below)
  • Graphics help / some work included (we do the graphics for your site, and specialize in sourcing/combining free stock photography so you don't have to buy expensive stock images!)
  • Access to designer: call, text and email me as the site is developed

So while that guy you might find on the web who's hundreds or thousands of miles away may be offering websites starting at $200 or $300, when you want quality and accountability, trust local!

Design Process Explained

    How does the web design process go, and what are the additional/ongoing costs?
  • First, we co-create the intial plan weighing costs and benefits of each design choice. (This need not be complicated. Whether you have an exact plan drawn out or no idea what kind of site you want, we can help you.)

  • After a $100 deposit, we're ready to start working on the First Draft of the site. (For large or drawn out projects, further deposits may be requested.)

  • First draft is worked on till completed. This may take a few weeks or up to a month or two, but we'll have discussed the timeframe beforehand. During this period, you can add more input, request updates, give content that we need to finish the site, etc. At the same time, we may have questions for you on how you want the site made.

  • First draft is completed. The site here may look very rough, or it may be almost good enough to put up as is. This depends largely on the customer providing content and input when needed. If you like it, we move into the next phase. If for some reason you hate the design and want to scrap it and start over completely, that is okay, but you would be liable for up to half of the original estimate here.

  • Finish-up phase: During this time, you can put more input and content into the First Draft as we finish each page up completely and prepare the site to be published.

  • Publishing phase: Here we take the completed site and put it online. You will have to go a domain name registrar like Godaddy and pay something around $14 a year for a domain name (the name that you type in like and around $90 a year for hosting your site.

  • And like that, your site will be up and online! Those should usually be the only ongoing costs unless you want to make significant changes to your website and pay us or another web designer to do them. We charge $40/hour to edit websites.